Make sure storm windows are installed and in proper working order before the first cold spell

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:37 pm

It’s getting pretty hard around my area to predict when the first serious cold spell will strike. It seems to be getting earlier and earlier every single year. That aside, if you have storm windows, make sure they are in working order before the colder weather arrives.

Here’s a brief checklist on what to look for when looking at and cleaning your storm windows:

  • Is the glass broken?
  • Are there any chips?
  • Is the seal in good condition?
  • When it is washed, does it leak?
  • Is it rusted?
  • Is the glass loose?
  • Is the frame damaged?

Of course, if you find any problems with the window, look into getting it repaired before you put it back up.


Once you put it up, it’ll be be forgotten until you take it down. This means it’s not doing an efficient job and is costing you money.

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