Types of Sunroom Insulation

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Costs of constructing the sunroom vary according to the location of your home, quality of materials used, labor charges, size of the sunroom and other sunroom wall insulation costs if required. Some people prefer the two or three season sunrooms while others prefer a sunroom for all the seasons of the year. Cost for installing a two or three season sunroom is lesser. If you wish to install a four season sunroom then you will require insulation of a superior quality at least.

An enclosure of wooden frame is one type of insulation used for a four season sunroom which is used for insulating the ceiling, floors as well as the walls. For effective performance, get it installed carefully. Processed fiberglass or rock wool is the material used as insulation material called batt insulation. Among different types of insulation materials these seem to be the cheapest of them all. For higher value of insulation you can use the over batts rigid foam, which has a higher degree of thickness to provide better insulation.

Maintain comfort in the sunroom with proper insulation:

With the right amount of cooling and heating arrangements in the sunroom you can increase your comfort in the sunroom. Walls need to be installed with at least two vapor retarders if you wish to get the best results from the installation. The right contractor having appropriate knowledge will help in installing the vapor retarders to make the sunroom more comfortable and convenient for use. Those homeowners who require a three season sunroom have a choice of not providing installation in the sunroom as its use is limited to use in spring and summer season.

If you do not wish to use the sunroom in winter, better still, as you will not have to incur additional costs on insulating the sunroom. Plan in advance, whether you want a four season sunroom, or a two to three season sunroom, and accordingly try and save on additional labor, material and insulation costs.

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