why isn’t my window air conditioner dripping water?

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:00 pm

Hi Dave,

We have a window unit air conditioner in good condition. We just bought it last year. Anyway, it hasn’t dripped water at all this year. Is there is a problem?

– Jennifer W

Hi Jennifer,

Check to make sure the AC unit it installed properly with a slight “tilt” towards the outdoors. Most AC units bottoms are straight with the drain holes near the back, and require a tilt to force the water out correctly. Also, it is possible depending on the location that the water is there but is simply evaporating before you can see it. You can also peek inside the unit (through the slats at the top or sides) and see if water is pooling. If it is, adjust the tilt until the water drips out.

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