10 Best Home Improvement Projects for Improving Energy Efficiency

Your home is your biggest investment. So, investing in it almost always makes sense. What are some of the best home improvement projects for improving the energy efficiency of your home? And which of these can you do yourself? The Best Home Improvement Projects Insulation Upgrades: Adding or improving insulation in your home’s attic, walls, […]

5 mins read

Spring is here – so are solar powered lights

Now that spring is here in most areas of North America, our thoughts naturally turn to the outdoors. Some of us garden, while others clean up the yard that has been neglected during the winter months. Energy saving solar lights can usually be purchased in bundles and save on your electrical bill, because they don’t actually connect to your home’s energy “network”. Thus they don’t draw any power and cost you nothing to run or use daily.

3 mins read

Saving Energy Through Energy Efficient Curtains, Shades, and Other Window Coverings

By: Robin Green If your windows are ancient and aren’t doing a passable job of keeping heat inside your home in winter (or keeping it out in warm weather), maybe it is time to consider having new, energy saving windows put in. But new windows, especially good quality energy efficient ones, can be prohibitively expensive. […]

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