How to lower you’re heating bills in winter

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:02 pm

During the cold winter months we tend to forgot about how regularly we use heating appliances around household. When the dreaded electricity and gas bills arrive at the end of winter we then realise how little we have compensated to reducing these scarcely figures.
There are many hints and tips out there that can help us reduce our heating bills. Listed below are a few helpful tips for reducing those bills.

Block out those Drafts

There can be nothing more uncomfortable than a cold and breezy draft blowing through the bottom of doors and cracks in walls. Draft excluders can be utilised to prevent the cold entering through the bottom of doors, and help sustain the heat within a room. A standard DIY silicone sealant will cover any unwanted cracks or holes that may appear in walls, and keep out those nasty chills.

Use Oil-filled radiators

Central heating can be the key player in high gas bills, with the use of an oil filled radiator heating bills could be significantly reduced. These types of heaters are useful for heating up a particular room, and diminish the need to turn on the central heating which will waste energy by heating up every room in the house. When central heating is used, radiator valves should be turned off in the rooms that are not in use, this will further reduce heating costs and more importantly save on energy.

Make Sure Your Boiler is Efficient

Facts and figures have recently indicated that installing a more efficient boiler could reduce heating bills by up to £230 per year. Installation costs can be quite expensive; however the long term savings from an efficient boiler system could save you thousands of pounds down the line.

Turn down your thermostat

The director for the nonprofit American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy states that up to 14% can be cut from your heating bills, when reducing the thermostat by 10 degrees for an average of 16 hours per day. The most effective time to do this is when you are out at work and when you go to bed.
Turn down the water heater
As well as turning down your thermostat temperatures, the same job should be performed with your water heater. Lowering temperatures to 115-120 can reduce power use without any noticeable effects, and more importantly reduces those energy costs.

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