Try installing insulated plastic on windows

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:38 pm

If you have particularly drafty windows or just want to improve the overall insulation of the window quickly and easily, install insulated plastic.

This is recommended generally for windows with leaks you can’t seem to find or are having trouble repairing.

Of course the optimal solution would be to replace the window eventually, but right now that’s not even an option. So a good workaround would be to insulate it as best you can.

Keep in mind this will somewhat obstruct the view in and out of the window. But it will cut down on drafts and keep heat inside better than if the drafty window was left unprotected.

But often times, that’s a small cosmetic price to pay in order to save some money.

Not too many people will want to keep insulating plastic on windows in the warmer months. After all, it pretty much prevents you from opening the windows. So, the general consensus is to take down the plastic in the summer.

What will this do?

Adding plastic, which is an insulator, increases the heat flow resistance of the window and immediately surrouding area (known as R-value). It is a temporary increase only, but the remember the higher the R-value of something, the less heat is lost through transfer. Some plastic may increase the R-value of the window in the neighborhood of 1. So, if a window was R-11, it becomes R-12 (as an illustrative example…it is most likely higher.)

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