Mail slots and pet doors

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:35 pm

Oh, what time savers these little guys are. The mailman delivers your mail through a slot in your door. No more walking out to the mailbox in the rain or snow or any other weather to get the mail.

There’s one problem.

Usually, these mail slots are very poorly insulated. Even if they are better insulated then most, there is a hole in your door where air can escape and cold air can be introduced.

And how can you ask to give up on one of the perks of being lazy!

I mean, almost no walking to get the mail! A dream come true for many, especially those of us with long driveways?

Well, its going to have to be a trade off.

Heat is escaping through the gap. If you really want to keep your slot, I recommend either making sure it is sealed correctly so no gaps let air in or you fix it with a flap so no air escapes the latch when the mail isn’t being pushed through.

Of course, if you’re really worried about the heat loss, replace the mail slot or remove it entirely.

Along the same lines of this is the small pet door. Make sure it is rigged so that you’re losing as little heat as possible. The best case scenario is to have the door solid, with no holes in it at all.

But if you need the pet door, make sure it properly closes behind your pet.

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