Free Forum Gift Giveaway

The utility bill busters energy saving forums have launched! located at, the forums give you a chance to post your questions to the community and get answers.

As a way of introducing the forums, I am giving away three valuable energy guides to you:

  • The Smart Consumer Checklist, which covers energy considerations when shopping
  • The Energy Star Report, or “When energy star is NOT energy smart”
  • And Ten Minutes to Ten Percent off your energy bill – Which covers 10 simple things you can do tonight to save 10% off your energy bill.

How do you get these free guides? All you have to do is

  1. Register on the site (its free)
  2. Make at least 10 posts in the forum
  3. Contact me and I’ll email you the free guides!

5 thoughts on “Free Forum Gift Giveaway

  1. Hey

    Really glad to get into this forum
    It’s what I am looking for.
    Hope to know more member here.

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