Should you buy a used air conditioner?

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:03 pm

Its the end of the cooling season for most of us, and there might be some used air conditioners up for sale. They might be on ebay, craig’s list, the local swap sheets, in classifieds or pennysavers. And the price might be really good – many might not want to store their units and are planning on upgrading next year anyway.

So…should you jump at one?

My advice is no.

Many of us who have window ac units want to keep the units and will take the storage pain…if they are in good shape and perform well. If not, they get chucked to the curb or “Sold”. Buying a used AC at the end of the season is generally a bad idea because you are taking in an unknown appliance that has to be stored and won’t get used for months. Plus, like I said, the quality really isn’t there.

Plus, no one is getting rid of or selling high efficiency units – these are mostly older units. If they are, they probably don’t work well. You may pick up a unit that looks good but it turns out is complete crap – and you’re stuck with a high energy bill next year and a high repair bill for your “bargain”.

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