10 Best Home Improvement Projects for Improving Energy Efficiency

Your home is your biggest investment. So, investing in it almost always makes sense. What are some of the best home improvement projects for improving the energy efficiency of your home? And which of these can you do yourself? The Best Home Improvement Projects Insulation Upgrades: Adding or improving insulation in your home’s attic, walls, […]

5 mins read

Save Money on Energy Costs with Energy Star

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 to help businesses and individuals save money on energy costs and protect the environment through energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR program sets energy efficiency standards and provides certifications for various products, homes, and buildings that meet or exceed these […]

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Space heaters: How much energy do they use?

I was recently called to consult on an energy problem in a home with a portable, oil-filled space heater in the master bedroom. The owner was complaining that the room was still cold even after running the unit all night. Plus, he was concerned the unit was costing too much money to run every night for 12 hours. So…how much energy does the unit use? Let’s find out.

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