Lesson #1: (Almost) nothing that uses energy in your home is separate from another energy source

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:41 pm

It’s too easy to think about your heating and gas very narrowly. When you are taking a nice hot shower or bath, for example, are you thinking about your heating costs? Gas cost?

No, probably not.

But if you are using a natural gas hot water heater, your costs are being directly affected.

The same holds true if you are washing dishes using the hot water. Use of the hot water tank in any capacity will affect your bill.

Yet we don’t think twice about gas or heating costs when using hot water.

This lends itself to the idea that a utility like gas or electricity for that matter are resources that other utilities or common household activities depend on.

So then, by focusing on everything that uses a commodity like natural gas, you can truly reduce your bills.

Its a simple concept that is very important. And its one to keep in mind as we explore gas usage around your home.

Keep in mind that it would be very difficult to guess everywhere your house might be using gas, and thus contributing to the high bill. A common theme to remember is to use when necessary, and if possible use it less.

For example, use a gas dryer when necessary, and always with a full load. Don’t overuse, or use it to just fluff clothes or heat them up. This is a senseless waste of gas and can contribute to the bill.

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