Don’t believe the hype of energy commercials!

Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 02:10 pm

Here’s an easy trap to fall into: You know your heating bills are high. So you’re sitting at home one chilly day with a warm coffee or tea, and you see a commercial for a local contracting company. Their message? High efficiency furnaces will end your misery! That’s right, call them for a no obligation quote on a new furnace and your heating bills will go down, you will be more comfortable, and your home will be safer.

It doesn’t have to be furnaces they’re selling either. Insulation services, building additions, air conditioning units (those are big sellers on those hot summer days, when you’re really sweating and just can’t take it anymore.)

Now…let’s think for a moment. Of course, the contracting company wants you to buy a new furnace, A/C, insulation. That’s how they make money. And you know what? That’s fine.

Here’s the problem. That new furnace, A/C, or insulation will set you back thousands of dollars…but will you really be more comfortable? Will you really save on your energy bills?

No contractor can ever make that claim without first inspecting your house. If you have bad insulation, damaged insulation, or if some walls are under-insulated, your new furnace will look great, but you will still be wasting money…and energy, maybe even faster than before. If you have great insulation, but have poor windows, that new furnace again will not give you the savings you are led into believng are yours.

Here’s my point: Think of your home in “pieces”, much like a puzzle. If you are having a problem putting together the puzzle, you need to look at all the pieces. It makes no sense to replace a single piece without first looking at all of them. Likewise, you can’t replace a single piece of your home without first seeing what the other “pieces” look like.

So…how do you do that?

You need to be more aware of your home, and its energy usage. You need to examine every piece, and find where problems are before you go blowing thousands of dollars on a large purchase like a furnace or A/C unit.

The Professional Home Energy Audit Kit, available from helps you do just that. It is a professional quality guide that helps you find energy problems by walking with you through your home and pointing you in the right direction. No matter where you live, or whatever your circumstance…if you are serious about saving money on your energy bills, you need to check out this professional kit.

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