How to be your home’s energy expert

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:41 pm

Let me tell you something.

You are in the best position possible to find and fix your home’s problems.

Why?  How?

Because you live in it.

  • You know what areas feel cold at certain times.
  • You know what lights you usually keep on, and for what reason.
  • You know which windows and hallways are drafty.
  • You know what side of the house accumulates ice more frequently than others.
  • You know what doors are hardest to close and keep closed.
  • You know if the floor is creaking, or if there are drafts.

You know these things, these details because you live in the house. The utility companies don’t live there. They don’t know where their product is used for. They just know they deliver it to you. A contractor can give you their professional opinion. But they can’t tell you what area of the house feels the coldest.

Doctors ask you “Where does it hurt?” Why? Because you know your body better than any doctor. You know what you’re capable of.

In the same way, you know your house better than anyone. You know it even better than the previous owners, if you lived in it for a little while, because more problems and abnormalities may have surfaced in the not so distant future.

Let’s face it – problems don’t magically disappear. Some become less apparent or are overshadowed by different problems.

And how will this help you?

If you know where to look for potential problem areas, you’re a step a ahead of the game. You know what’s broken, now its a matter of fixing it.

Sometimes, the fix may be as easy as changing a habit, or adopting a new one.

Other times the fix may be a little more involved, with caulk or replacement window panes.

Either way, armed with the tips on this site you will make headway and start saving money on your energy bills.

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