Energy tips when buying a house

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:35 pm

When you are buying a new home, here are some things to look for to ensure you keep your energy bills low:

  1. Look for energy efficient appliances. Most of the time they will still have the energy guide sticker on them. Check the efficiency and relative costs.
  2. Check the age and condition of the delivery ducts and vents
  3. Ask what the last HVAC job was. If someone installed central air or a new furnace after the home was built, there is an excellent chance the installer did due diligence and inspected the house to make sure it is sealed and appropriately insulated.
  4. Check the age of the hot water heater and the condition. Also, check to see if the unit is located in an unheated area like a basement.
  5. Are delivery pipes or ducts being insulated? If so, the owners were conscious about saving energy.
  6. Are the windows new? Are they vinyl? Newer vinyl windows are a big plus because they can reduce your energy costs since they insulate better.
  7. Are there door sweeps on the doors? Are the doors in good condition? If so, there are little repairs you may have to do.
  8. Is the house equipped with a setback or programmable thermostat? If so, you can more readily control the temperature of the room during any time of day and during any season.

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