Apartment Energy Walkthrough

Last updated on November 30th, 2009 at 05:04 pm

Let’s say you’re apartment hunting.

Do a brief “mini” energy audit while you’re walking through the apartment.

When you inspect an apartment, carefully look at the heating and cooling ducts, and especially the windows.

  • Do the windows or doors feel drafty?
  • Do they look old?
  • Are they in good condition?
  • Would you be comfortable sitting next to this window on a cold day?
  • Are the walls in good condition?
  • Is there water damage?
  • Is the floor in good condition?
  • How about the attic and/or crawlspace?
  • Light fixtures and switches – do they look like they’re in good condition?

Ask your landlord about the approximate heating and cooling costs for the apartment.

I have no doubt he’ll answer this for you, because to him it shows your interest. And remember, he’s looking to make a sale and rent the apartment. It’s doing no good to him if its vacant.

If you notice a particularly bad window or area, ask the landlord about it. Basically, ask if he has plans to repair or replace the problem area, stating that its a concern to you. Chances are the landlord knows about the problem, and is planning to take care of it on some level. If he doesn’t and you don’t notice, he might be able to get out of doing it for months or years!

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