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[4 Oct 2009 | One Comment | 76 views]

If you’re in the market for a new home, you might want to consider looking for one that uses energy more efficiently than your current home.
In order to do this, you need to know how much energy your home currently uses. (If I could make a recommendation, check out the Energy Audit kit at http://www.energyaudits.net…shameless plug.) This kit will tell you how much energy you use currently.
Anyway, the kit also contains a “home buyer’s checklist” which outlines what you should look for in your next home (or apartment). But here’s …

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[30 Jun 2009 | No Comment | 220 views]

Some think it is far easier to save on energy if you own a house. After all, you have *almost* complete control over appliances and how they run in a house. And there is a certain degree of truth to that. You have greater responsibility over the appliances and their upkeep, but if something goes wrong, you can turn off the unit altogether and come up with an alternative solution – or replace it.
Apartments or specifically the renters that reside in them don’t have those burdens – though they are …

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[24 Mar 2009 | No Comment | 45 views]

Apartments can pose a unique challenge to people.
Since most people who rent property do not own the property or aren’t under a rent-to-own contract, renters often times ignore energy saving tips.
Their point of view, which is certainly understandable, is why pay for improvements that will reduce bill when I will not reap the rewards or benefits of my effort? Why pay for improvements on property that isn’t owned by me?
For renters, there are a couple of things to consider before deciding whether to balk and ignore the whole …

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[24 Mar 2009 | No Comment | 165 views]

After you move in
Keep your electricity bills in check right away! If you have the money, replace most or all of the lights with fluorescents. You can stagger this if you wish, and only buy or install the lights you anticipate using most often. Take the old incandescent bulbs, and carefully place them in a bag. Wrap them in newspaper so they won’t break. Store them safely.
If you moved in during the cold season, get some rope caulk and seal the gaps or cracks in …

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[24 Mar 2009 | No Comment | 88 views]

Let’s say you’re apartment hunting.
Do a brief “mini” energy audit while you’re walking through the apartment.
When you inspect an apartment, carefully look at the heating and cooling ducts, and especially the windows.

Do the windows or doors feel drafty?
Do they look old?
Are they in good condition?
Would you be comfortable sitting next to this window on a cold day?
Are the walls in good condition?
Is there water damage?
Is the floor in good condition?
How about the attic and/or crawlspace?
Light fixtures and switches – do they look like they’re in good condition?

Ask your landlord about …