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[22 Oct 2010 | One Comment | 620 views]

With the colder season bearing down on us, there is a trend of people trying to devise a way to lower their heating bill this winter/cold season. The way to lower heating bills is to use less heating fuel. For most, this means use the furnace less.

But how do you use the furnace less without feeling cold around the house? Turning down the thermostat obviously uses less fuel (sometimes) because the furnace runs less. But that isn’t always practical, because it may leave you feeling cold. And uncomfortable.

Lets examine fireplaces and if they save energy.

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[20 Sep 2010 | 3 Comments | 725 views]

During the cold winter months we tend to forgot about how regularly we use heating appliances around household. When the dreaded electricity and gas bills arrive at the end of winter we then realise how little we have compensated to reducing these scarcely figures.
There are many hints and tips out there that can help us reduce our heating bills. Listed below are a few helpful tips for reducing those bills.
Block out those Drafts
There can be nothing more uncomfortable than a cold and breezy draft blowing through the bottom of doors …

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[4 Apr 2010 | 5 Comments | 1,346 views]

Costs of constructing the sunroom vary according to the location of your home, quality of materials used, labor charges, size of the sunroom and other sunroom wall insulation costs if required. Some people prefer the two or three season sunrooms while others prefer a sunroom for all the seasons of the year. Cost for installing a two or three season sunroom is lesser. If you wish to install a four season sunroom then you will require insulation of a superior quality at least.
An enclosure of wooden frame is one type …

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[24 Feb 2010 | 7 Comments | 2,681 views]

Around this time of year, a lot of people (at least in the USA) turn their attention to their taxes. Its the wonderful time when all your expenses and income gets examine and run over with a fine tooth comb. Its also when people realize that they can take deductions or get credits for things they never knew about. In this first article of a series, we’ll look at possible tax credits for buying/installing a new furnace for your home.

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[12 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 2,126 views]

The single most cost effective way to make your home highly energy efficient is to have the right insulation
selected and installed correctly in your home. Doing this will make everything else work better. The design, money invested in your windows, and a better return on solar panels.

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[12 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 1,760 views]

There are plenty of cheap and common insulation materials available on the market today. Many of these have been around for quite some time. Each of these insulations have their own ups and downs. As a result, when deciding which insulation material you should use, you should be sure to be aware of which material would work the best in your situation.
Recently, materials like aerogel (used by NASA for the construction of heat resistant tiles, capable of withstanding heat up to approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit with little or no heat …

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[11 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 709 views]

Maximising the efficiency of your heating system is one method of ensuring of reducing the costs of your heating bill and cutting down on the environmental impact of heating your home.
However, there is another method which is just as effective at reducing costs and increasing warmth around the house.
Heating your home is as much about stopping heat from escaping as it is about maximising the output of your radiators and heaters. By reducing heat escape, you use less energy in heating the rooms.
The number one place to start with insulation …

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[11 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 574 views]

By: Christiane Perrin
Maximizing the insulation for your green home is the most important step you can take towards reducing the heating and cooling energy requirements of your home and conserving energy. Many options are available to you, such as fiberglass batt, rigid or blown-in insulation. Let us look at cellulose blown-in insulation, which, in my opinion, is one of the greenest options available today.
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Building Material and Wood Technology, Department of Natural Resources Conservation, considers cellulose insulation a smart choice and recommends its use.
Why Use …

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[9 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 667 views]

By: Muna wa Wanjiru
If your home is freezing cold in the winter and blistering hot in the summer, then you need an effective insulation system for your home. Many homes have old insulation system or no insulation at all. Old insulation system looses some or complete effectiveness with passing years. There are many different types of insulation systems are available, cocoon insulation is one them.
Heat enters in or out of your home walls through cracks and crevices around electrical sockets, windows, light fixtures and cracks at wall –ceiling junction. …

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[5 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 2,325 views]

Insulation terms can be quite confusing to anyone outside the industry. If you’ve ever bought insulation for your house, you know that insulation with a high R factor is better. But what, exactly, does that mean? Did you know that the R value depends on other factors?
When it comes to buying more specific insulation products like removable insulation jackets for pipes, understanding the particulars of the three measures of insulation is key.
The K Factor
In order to understand the well-known R factor, it is important to understand the factors upon which …