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[20 Sep 2010 | 3 Comments | 725 views]

During the cold winter months we tend to forgot about how regularly we use heating appliances around household. When the dreaded electricity and gas bills arrive at the end of winter we then realise how little we have compensated to reducing these scarcely figures.
There are many hints and tips out there that can help us reduce our heating bills. Listed below are a few helpful tips for reducing those bills.
Block out those Drafts
There can be nothing more uncomfortable than a cold and breezy draft blowing through the bottom of doors …

Cooling »

[8 Sep 2010 | 2 Comments | 409 views]

Here around my house, the weather lately has really been cooling off. Which means that fall is on the way. With fall, of course, comes cooler temperatures. And in the interest of saving money and energy, I don’t need to be running my air conditioners – I’d rather just open the windows and let the cooler air keep the temperature inside my house more moderate and comfortable.
Here’s how to prepare when that time comes for your house
Central Air
You can’t remove central air conditioners, but luckily there’s really no need to. …

Do It Yourself Projects, Home Energy Tips »

[8 Sep 2010 | One Comment | 695 views]

For the most part, energy leaks or loss around windows (leaks that don’t have to do with the windows themselves: the panes, the construction, the actual unit itself) comes down to two main areas – the frame itself and the insulation around the frame.
Energy can be lost whether the window is brand new and just installed (and thus installed incorrectly) or if the window is older.
If the frame is compromised, the energy is lost through the frame itself, through the gaps in the wood or plastic. In most cases, though, …