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Insulation terms can be quite confusing to anyone outside the industry. If you’ve ever bought insulation for your house, you know that insulation with a high R factor is better. But what, exactly, does that mean? Did you know that the R value depends on other factors?
When it comes to buying more specific insulation products like removable insulation jackets for pipes, understanding the particulars of the three measures of insulation is key.
The K Factor
In order to understand the well-known R factor, it is important to understand the factors upon which …

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LEED Green Associate (GA) Certification Process: Basic Questions Answered
There are some common questions asked by people having an interest in or prepared to take the LEED GA examination. Here is some basic information about the examination process that addresses many FAQs.
Becoming able to Take the LEED GA Examination
Before taking the examination there are a few necessities that must first be met. An application must be submitted that will get checked.
The Green Building Certification Institute ( GBCI ) audits five to seven percent of all applications.
Candidates who are selected for an …

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Many sellers leave a big opportunity to cash in on the sale of their home on the table. By not highlighting the energy efficiencies and energy improvements done to the home, however small, as a seller you might be selling your home short!

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[5 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 99 views]

By: Eugene Makeev
With all costs on the rise, adding up to the already huge problem with the New York housing crunch and worldwide economic woes; more and more people are searching of ways to cutback on costs.  In our homes, one of the largest shares where our hard-earned budget goes to is the energy bill, thus making the efficient use of energy a great way to reduce monthly expenses.    With that said, let us look into superb ideas to achieve energy efficient homes which are practical whether you are in …

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[4 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 102 views]

By: James CopperWe hear so much about energy efficiency nowadays. Energy efficiency is about saving our environment and saving our money. How we got about practicing energy efficiency isnt always as clear, though. Here, there, are the most frequently asked questions about energy efficiency, and their answers.
The question most often asked is if buying products such as appliances that are specifically designed for energy efficiency cost more than others? The answer is yes and no.
While their initial purchase price is usually higher their energy efficiency reduces the bill to use …