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Affordable green energy for your home
You don't have to create your own green energy anymore - just buy your clean green energy using Renewable Energy Credits.

You don’t have to build a home made windmill or solar panel array to power your home with clean, renewable green energy. Let’s explore another new option that is low cost and guaranteed to make your house “green friendly.”

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Hi, I have a Frigidaire 7000 btu AC unit that rattles the whole window. I know the windows are old and I need new ones, how can i prevent the rattling without replacing the windows?
Hello Frank,
Rattling can be caused by two things: the vibration of the mechanical parts inside the unit which causes the frame to move, or the parts themselves becoming loose and moving around within the unit. The second one isn’t as common as the first one, but fortunately there are some things you can do.

Augment the padding …

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Hi Dave,
We have a window unit air conditioner in good condition. We just bought it last year. Anyway, it hasn’t dripped water at all this year. Is there is a problem?
– Jennifer W
Hi Jennifer,
Check to make sure the AC unit it installed properly with a slight “tilt” towards the outdoors. Most AC units bottoms are straight with the drain holes near the back, and require a tilt to force the water out correctly. Also, it is possible depending on the location that the water is there but is simply evaporating …

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Dear Dave,
I have been reading your blog at utility bill busters for a long time now, and I wanted to ask you a question. I live in a small ranch style house in illinois in the south and as you may know the weather has been absolutely scorching! We have a window air conditioner in the bedroom and one in the living room, since those rooms are the most occupied. Recently I have noticed they seem to be running all the time but not making a difference! Should I replace …

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Ken asks…

What is a good name for an home energy audit company?
I am thinking of starting a business where I would help people save on utilities by testing their home for air leaks, insulation problems etc. I think a catchy name for the business would be helpful. Thanks!

David Andersen answers:
Energy Misers
Energy Savings and More
Energy Cost Containment
Energy Cost Slashers
Energy Cost Minimizers
Complete Home Energy Audit Professionals (CHEAP)
Home Energy Reduction Specialists

Mandy asks…

What’s my better home energy savings investment, windows or insulation?
I own a very nice house but it is old – …

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Like so many other home energy question, this is one without an easy answer.
Before I jump to answer the question with a resounding “Yes, feel free to set your thermostat low in the summer”, there is one critical question I have to know – do you have central air, or does the thermostat control a “climate control” system that has an air conditioner unit with it?
If your thermostat just controls a furnace, when the weather gets warmer, you can just turn off the furnace altogether (there should be a power …